Guest Blogging

Would you like to contribute to Unexplained Underfoot Objects as a guest blogger? That's great! With your post, you get a full bio as well as up to four relevant links back to your own blog, as well as links your social media accounts at the end of the article.

We love sharing your voice with our readers, no matter your growing zone or country. The more voices we can bring to the table about sustainable living and personal independence, the better a world we can make.

Please note that at this time we only accept guest blog posts from other family, homesteading, farming and off grid bloggers. 

Unexplained Underfoot Objects is seeking guest posts that nestle-in neatly with our focus. Topics range from family homestead living, country recipes, homesteading chores, small farms, homestead livestock, beekeeping, homesteading lessons learned, how-to and tips & tricks. If you have a related idea, let us know! 

Guest Blogger Expectations

  • Original Content:  All posts submitted must be new and original. Posts must be exclusive to Unexplained Underfoot Objects (not on your own blog or a guest post elsewhere).
  • Word Count:   Posts should be between 800 and 1,900 words. 
  • Grammar and Punctuation:   One or two things that need to be cleaned up is OK, but we won't publish if we have to perform major surgery on a piece.
  • Post Ownership:  The post you write for Unexplained Underfoot Objects belongs to you, as do the provided images. If you wish to post the article on your own blog, let us know first and we will remove it from our site.
  • Images:  Please provide at least four images that directly correlate with your article. These will be posted own the article with your attribution, and will be used in social media posts as well. 

Here's What to Do:

Send us an email at with your name, blog address, topic idea(s) and a brief pitch on what the article will be about, no more than a few sentences. Please do not send us a full article for consideration.

Social Media Promotion

It is not a requirement, but we would expect cross-promotion of your article through your social media channels. We will do so on our end through our social media channels.