About Us

Hi there! We're Wendie and WT, and we are the authors of the Unexplained Underfoot Objects Blog. Together with our four children, we run a homestead in New Hampshire, somewhere in Northwood. Our spread is a one-acre piece of land, perfect for chickens, gardening, bees and the next project to come around the corner. As we sit lakeside, we have a unique environment in which to learn and grow.

We started with an urban homestead about six years ago, working as we could on a quarter-acre city lot with some degree of success. We learned a great deal, and eventually realized we wanted to live a better life. So, we simplified our routines, worked at becoming self-employed and headed off to take on this forever project of homestead living on an off grid small farm.

We haven't looked back.

Between Wendie and myself, we run three of our own small business, and I find time to be an adjunct professor at our local community college teaching everything from critical thinking to creative writing. Each semester brings something different, and it's a real treat each week.

On our homestead we raise New Hampshire Reds for eggs, with a traditionally Cornish mix brought in during the late summer for our meat flock. They get harvested in the fall to fill our freezer. We have two dogs, a cat, a Russian tortoise named Gus and a fish. As a blended family, we fill our lives with new ways to share the love.

We love to cook, bake, can, write, reading spend time with friends. We have a wood shop on property where we can do most of our own repairs and have recently gotten into spoon carving. We prefer our Mahindra tractor over any other, and were smart enough to have ours fitted with a snow blower. It is New Hampshire, after all.

If you're interested in writing a guest blog for Unexplained Underfoot Objects, you can find out the details on our Guest Blogging page. If there;'s something else you have in mind, please feel free to send along an email to wabernathy23@yahoo.com. I'm looking forward to meeting you!