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So we're sheltered in place. Well, for the most part. We still are running to the grocery store for our usual supplies and groceries, and of course the lumber yard and hardware store for the woodshop orders.

We're also hitting up the feed store when the chickens need food, and for gardening supplies to keep up with spring. But other than that, we're hunkered down.

Sammy is not working because the bowling alley has closed down, and the girls are getting into the swing of their distance learning courses. Their school already uses Google Classroom, so there's no major learning curves to overcome.

Now, I recognize that we might be better prepared than other families, seeing as how we're pretty self-sufficient as it is, but our hearts and thoughts do go out to those who are experiencing such as drastic change in the course of their lives.

We will get through this, all of us. All we have to do is stay calm and do what needs to be done- stay healthy and safe. Make good choices. Be there for each other when the need arises.

From our Homestead to Yours,


From Our Homestead to Yours

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

The shift to distance learning is on our minds, so this week's featured bloggers are Kris and Larry from We are pleased to share their timely piece on homeschooling resources, and look forward to reading more of their submission in the months to come!

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Thank you for hosting, Todd! So glad you are hunkering down, as are we. I agree, we are more fortunate than most in that as homesteaders we are natural "preppers" so to speak. Have a wonderful week, and stay healthy.
Kathy OBrien said…
Thanks for the tip on propagating the Mosquito Plant. I have one and it is getting large but distributing around the garden would be great.