The way we have life set up on our homestead means using creative ways to drive income. Both of Wendie and I teach as substitutes at our local schools. I teach night class at the local community college. 

Wendie continues to run her marketing and publishing companies. Then, of course, there is the wood shop.For years, I've made hundreds of items for sale online, from Etsy to direct sales. This season, I made the decision to heavily push our bee hive builds and it is paying off.

Most beekeepers rely on buying new, and that can get expensive for quality hives. Long-time keepers with huge bee yards will have them built for them at a little price break, but not much. For us, learning how to build our own was important, and realizing we could build for others at a much lower cost was a natural step.

So far, I've had clients from Maine to the North all the way down to Cape Cod. 

But, there's still a bunch of bee keepers out there who can't easily reach us in Northwood to buy one of our hives. So, I sat down and wrote a book on how to do it. How to Build a Langstroth Bee Hive. 

Now, there's plenty of free advice and instructions on the internet that would save you the $3.99 we're charging for the book. But the problem is, the measurements shared in those YouTube videos and blog posts, which are supposed to be universal, are all over the place. 

There's little talk of the tools or the materials needed. In short, there's no accountability and no assurance that any one free option will work the way it should.

So, I collected my knowledge, built a hive from the ground up to take pictures and remind me of the finer details to write about, made a list of the tools I used and brought it all together in an e-book form.

It's simple, complete and completely clear.

You can do this.

Download it today and read at your convenience. Though the design elements are specific to how a hive works, it's not rocket science. You can do it if you want, for a third or even more of the price of buying a hive outright. I can show you how, even with basic wood working skills.

From our Homestead to Yours, Cheers!

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