Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #55

family homesteading and off the grid blog hop

homesteadingWe have rain. The rising temps that allowed us to put out the maple sap buckets early is also changing our usual late February snow into rain- that means mud.

Looking at it from a practical standpoint, we're maybe a week or two ahead of the schedule, weather-wise. The rain will wash away the snow, the ice will be a bother for a few days, then the mud arrives.

We have a gravel driveway that leads from the road to the house, and this year we're scheduled to have a couple of yards of granite dropped off to help with the mud situation. Aside from the snow plowing in the winter, spreading our semi-annual gravel order around is why we got the tractor.

People sometimes ask if all the chores we have around the homestead are overwhelming. The answer is the same every time- not in the least. Like anything, it's all about staying on top of things. When the mud seems to be winning, get some 1/4 granite gravel.

When the garden needs harvesting, get it done.

When the broilers need processing, get it done.

When there's a lull in the chore list, sit back and take some time with the family.

Homesteading seems to have a lot of components, but by taking things as they come and not procrastinating, it's a pleasure to get things done. 

Be well and do what makes you happy-

From Our Homestead to Yours

A Spring Homestead Walkabout

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Last week's featured blog post is from Suzan over at It's My Sustainable Life. Her article reminds us that as much as we want to jump into a gardening project after a long winter away, we should still heed good sense and be prepared.

Spring Garden Preparation

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Thank you for hosting AND for the feature of my spring garden prep article! Have a wonderful week!
Kathi said…
Thank you for hosting!