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We have another school snow-day here on the homestead, and that meant I had some company when plowing out the driveway. While I worked the tractor, the girls cleared off the cars, brought in wood and took care of the chickens and guineas.

I can't stress enough how I believe preparation for adulthood starts with responsible lessons as children. Sure, there will still be bumps in the road they don't know how to handle, but they will certainly have the skills to figure it out and find a solution. These kids are going to be just fine.

homesteadOur youngest is 11, so conceivably there's seven more years of child raising. Seven years, and then what? I don't know to be honest. It could be different when the time comes, but I think empty-nest syndrome will hit hard. The kids will be alright, but will I?

As soon as I hit send on this post, I'm heading out the woodshop to work on a couple beehives. Working with my hands and building something well brings a sense of satisfaction.

From blank lumber I can create a new thing. Be it a chess set, a beehive, or a spoon. I'm filling my days up more and more with this creative time and enjoying it while I can.

It's cold out there, and with the heat going in the shop it feels comforting. The smell of sawdust and the rough imperfections of the tools rubbing against my hands makes sense. Things change, and I'm sure this will as well. Eventually.

Be well and do what makes you happy-

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Last week's featured blog post is from Kathi over at the Oak Hill Homestead, with her recipe and tips for making dandelion salve. Now, we try and leave as many of the little yellow pollen machines out as possible for the bees, but this recipe sure does sound intriguing.

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How to Make Dandelion Salve

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Thanks so much for hosting! Happy Valentines Day!
lisa lombardo said…
Thanks for hosting! Have a great week! (My son has yet to fledge out and fly away...I think it will be harder for me than for him :) )