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Welcome to the second week of the January 2020 blog hop called "You're the Star"!

What a crazy homesteading January we're having so far. Yesterday we saw temperatures in the 60s, and today, it climbed all the way to 72. The snow was melting like a March heat wave, with mud and debris peeking out here and there.

With the temps so high, we figured it was a good time to check the bees and see if they needed any extra food for the remainder of the winter. 

When we pulled the hive lid off and slid aside the Vivaldi board... there was nothing. Well, a few hundred bees lying at the bottom, but it seems we might have missed a late season swarm after we winterized them. 

Those few hundred were what was left behind, and with just them, they couldn't stay warm.

homesteadingIt's a sad occurrence, because these Georgia bees' best chance for surviving the New Hampshire winter was in their hive. Out where they are now, it's a serious gamble.

On the plus side, the hive is stocked full of empty brood frames and honey. If we decided to harvest, we'd be looking at an easy 80 pounds. 

But, we ended up taking only one frame and slicing the comb into jars. The rest will remain to help a new hive establish this spring.

To do this, we're hedging our bets. We've ordered 3 pounds of Carniolans that will ship May 6th, and we are also preparing to set some swarm traps around our property. 

These traps will be stocked with a double dose of pheromones  one, from a little vial of Swarm Commander and the second with the brood comb from the abandoned hive.

Local bees are best, as they are genetically strengthened with acclimation, but they're mutts. No idea what we'll get. They could be docile as all get out, or they could be aggressive little buggers.

As far as what caused the bees to swarm, I honestly don't know. But as a beginner beekeeper, I'll bet it's something I missed, caused or neglected. On to next season with a focus to improve my knowledge and powers of observation. 

Our Carniolans Come Home

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