Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #49

family homesteading and off the grid blog hop

This has been a great day so far!

We woke up to three inches of sticky snow this morning, and what started as a 2 hour school delay turned into a cancellation. 

The kids grabbed their shovels, I warmed up the tractor and did some snow throwing.

While I was working on the driveway, Elizabeth and Carolyn were shoveling the little areas of snow I couldn't reach, like the guinea hen run and chicken coop. 

Wendie had an appointment at noon, so off she went.

homesteadingOn my last pass into Sammy's parking space by the RV, something 'clunked' and the auger stopped turning. No worries, I just had to pop off the protecting plate and see what was up.

A shear pin, plain and simple. Seeing how I didn't have one handy (shame on me), Elizabeth and I got to head down to the hardware store and pick up a couple. 

Our Mahindra is a Canadian manufacture, so everything is in metric, and the shear pin packs are all for US builds.

So, we figured this- use a 7cm #2 bolt with a squeeze nut. Same size, same tensile strength in case it does need to shear again, and it was a lot cheaper. We're talking $1.50 for two sets versus $3.75 for a single that 'kinda' would have worked.

homesteadingTo top it all off, while we were at the checkout counter, who walks in but Wendie herself, looking to pick up a new silent-shut toilet seat. I have to say, my local hardware store is where all the great ladies hang out.

This afternoon, we will install the new toilet seat. Maybe there's some baking later. The girls will clean their room up a little bit and then head out to bring a frozen chicken to the neighbors as a little 'happy.'

This is a great day- clean snow, relatively warm temperatures, and all of us together. We hope your day is going fantastically as well.


Todd & Wendie

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Our featured blog post from last week was shared by Chris and Melissa over at the Little Frugal Homestead. For a day like today, where we are all home and looking for something yummy for lunch, what better recipe than Creamy Tomato Soup, paired up with some grilled cheese?

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Creamy Tomato Soup

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Thank you for hosting! Isn't it just beautiful out? The snow was so peaceful this morning. Hope you get to that baking! Have a wonderful week.
Melissa said…
Thanks so much for featuring our Creamy Tomato Soup! We have NOT had soup weather here. Warm and rainy for days now. But I hear the cold is coming!
In fact my dad says the Farmer's Almanac said that February will be our cold month. I think I am actually looking forward to it!
Your snow day sounds fun! Enjoy!
Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead