Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #48

family homesteading and off the grid blog hop

Oh, how time flies.

homesteadingWe're going into the second week of the pantry challenge, and the fridge is just now starting to empty out. 

In a few days, we'll be digging into the canned good, pastas, rices and deep freezer.

It doesn't feel like eating leftovers. Wendie has a gift when it comes to creating tasty and interesting meals. 

Instead of simply re-heating and re-serving what's in the fridge, she uses the leftovers as a component to create something new.

And it's always good.

We were able to get some time in the woodshop the other day, and we're putting Wendie's spoon carving tools to good use. We figure there will be many more to follow.

On the homesteading small income front, both of us have been substitute teaching in our local schools. Some days it's as a para, working in several classrooms throughout the day. Others, we take over a single classroom as the primary teacher.

And though it's been said before, elementary school teachers are amazing people. We can do it for a day or two before needing a break, but they do it all year round.

The garden is heavy on our minds, and we're looking to get those seeds started soon. There is a plan to run an extension cord out to the potting shed and our search for a heated seed mat and indoor greenhouse has begun.

A conversation is loosely scheduled as well, where the garden plantings of last year will be reviewed (we keep a good journal) and decisions will me made concerning what will be planted this year. 

It should be a lot of fun. Did we really use the garden to our best advantage? How many fruit trees will we be planting? Were brussel sprouts a good choice?

We love to share our homesteading and off grid life with you all, and truly love it when we hear from you in the conversation below. How are your gardening plans coming along? What ways do you have to make a little extra income to help with daily bills?


Todd & Wendie

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Our featured blog post from last week was shared by a new blogger in our community, Jellie, from over at Real Ordinary Food. This recipe made both of us sit up and take notice, and once we have some cukes in the crisper, we will be sure to try it out. We hope to read more of her submissions in the future! 

Thank you for the share!

Whole Wheat Cucumber Bread

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Thanks for hosting, Todd! Have a wonderful week.
I forgot to comment earlier, but thanks for the feature! I linked back to you guys here!