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homesteadingThe kids are in school for two more days until their Christmas holiday begins. Joey is back from California to celebrate with us, and so far, the livestock are thriving in these near-zero temperatures. All in all, winter is doing alright in our books.

Wendie and I were just discussing that when all of the kids are out of the house and doing their own thing if we will still be getting a large Christmas tree. Probably not, but then again, who would think of disappointing any grandchildren?

That's years from now, though, so the safe bet is to take it year to year.

We are also thinking ahead to spring. Yesterday, I asked at the feed store when they would be getting in their maple sugaring supplies. We need a few more spigots and some blue drip line. The woman looked amused and said, "You're thinking ahead, aren't you?"

Yes. We are thinking ahead. Planning is how we don't miss out on opportunities when they present themselves. We tap our trees starting on Valentine's Day in February. We start our broiler flock in March. The garden gets attention starting May 19th, our last projected frost date, and the seedlings get planted 30 days out from that in mid-April.

'Winging it' just isn't our way of doing things.

Cheers, and stay warm!

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Maple Sugaring on the Homestead

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

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Poinsettias for Christmas

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Thanks so much for hosting! Have a beautiful celebration with your family!!
Lisa L Lombardo said…
Thank you for featuring my post on Poinsettias! And thanks for hosting! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for your entire family!