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homesteadingGood morning, all! Plenty of changes happening on the homestead these days, despite the cold weather. To start, both Wendie and myself have become substitute teachers for our local SAU, and we're loving it. 

Some days we're teaching a classroom of 25 fifth graders, the next day we might be a para-professional for a single ten year old, and others we get to relax a bit.

One aspect of homesteading is looking out for income streams that fit our lifestyle. Subbing means we're working, on our own terms, while the kids are in school. 

If we need a day to work on our other projects, we can politely decline the invitation to teach without any ruffled feathers. Its a win-win situation:)

In sad news, we lost our rooster the other day to a fox. He had slipped out of the run for an early morning stretch and was ambushed. We only found what was left of him. So long, Cooper. You were a swell bird.

Christmas is ramping up for us, and this weekend we will be selecting our tree. The lights go up that night, but the actual decorations will wait until our oldest comes home from California to spend the holidays with us. 

So, some ups and a down, and life moves on, all on our terms.

Cheers, and stay warm!

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Our featured blog post from last week was shared by Suzan from over at It's My Sustainable Life with her article on celebrating the winter solstice. Suzan shares the history and meaning behind this magical time of year and we are grateful. Cheers for the share!

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Celebrating Winter Solstice

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lisa lombardo said…
Sorry to hear about your rooster :(
Thank you for hosting AND for the feature of my Winter Solstice article! Have a beautiful week!
Melissa said…
I was subbing at our local Independent school and loved it!
Sorry to hear about the Fox's breakfast. There have been a few around here - both alive and hit on the side of the road. They are pretty but not homestead friendly.

Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead