Homestead Daily Chores With a Homesteading Kid

homestead daily chores
Hi! I am Elizabeth. I am 12 years old and I will be talking about the homestead daily chores I am responsible for. I live in Northwood, New Hampshire.

I do chores because it helps that I do something and so that my parents don't do all of the work.

It also teaches me to do the work myself when I get older. Most of my friends at school don't do chores at their houses. Everyday, I get to do the chickens and the guineas. I also get to do the dishes.

Fall Homestead Chores

In the fall I have to help stack the wood so that it will be dry during the winter. We heat our house with a wood stove, and the wood needs to be dry for the winter so that it will light faster and so we don't have to leave it in side for a long time. We also have to clean out the garden so it will be ready for the spring. This means pulling out the old plants and burning them in a bonfire.

We plant garlic, and this is the time when we place the bulbs in the ground. Once they are in, we cover them with a heavy mulch to protect them from hard frosts. In the spring, we will harvest them and hopefully the garlic will last all year until the next crop.

Winter Homestead Chores

In the winter we have to make sure that there is wood in the house so that there is wood for the furnace to keep all of us warm. We have to stack the wood in the fall so that it stays dry for the winter. We stack the wood under the side-roof of our workshop, with the sides covered with a tarp to keep the snow and wet out.

Spring Homestead Chores

homestead daily choresIn the spring, we get to prep the garden. That means that we clean up all of the early spring weeds and all of the leaves. It's a lot of work, but we try to do it one raised planting bed at a time instead of letting it get backed up.

When the garden is cleaned up we get to add a little more compost and then plant the spring vines and fruit. We get to grow most of the plants that we eat but not all of them.

We grow tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, Brussel sprout, lettuces, hot peppers, onions, watermelon, butternut squash, acorn squash and pumpkins among other things. My favorite thing to grow and eat are the acorn squash.

This is food we use for our cooking, either fresh or canned. When it's time for canning, I help in the kitchen with the recipes and the hot water bath process.

Homestead Chores Year Round

homestead daily chores
My biggest chore is looking after the chickens and guineas. The chickens are a lot of fun but that does not mean that they smell that pleasant.

They are very stinky sometimes but fun to be around they lay about one egg a day but not always. Our chickens are very smart and know when to head back to the coop when the sun is going down. It's my job to make sure they have water then and that the gate is closed to the chicken run.

The guineas are hard to put in their coop. I have to chase them around just to put them in at night. We put all of the birds in at night because we live in the woods and there are some predators that we have to watch out for. We've lost chickens to raccoons before.

I love growing up on a homestead with my family. The chores aren't always fun, but I understand why I have to get them done. They are my responsibility and it helps to keep the homestead running smooth. Did you have chores when you were my age?