The very first frost of the season settled over the homestead a few days ago. The white shimmer was a welcome sight, and we promptly took stock of what tasks were left to complete. The shed, of course, is a work in progress, but will have a complete roof this next weekend.

I suppose the important thing about preparing for winter is not only completing the tasks themselves, but the self-awareness of marking them completed. The confidence knowing we have done our job and are ready to meet the snow is a good one.

The garden is cleaned out, with only Brussel sprouts and parsnips let to harvest, and the garlic went in on Sunday. We have dried seed for next year.

The deck is cleared away, the lakeshore has been cleaned up of our scattered canoes, SUPs and kayaks, and the grass has been trimmed for the last time. The chickens are snacking on the carved pumpkins scattered about their run.

The bees are snuggling in, and Vivaldi boards will go on this weekend.

We're in good shape. How about you?



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