Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #42

family homesteading and off the grid blog hop

Off grid homesteading problem #3,476: I woke up last night wanting to plant something, anything. It's too early in the cold season to be feeling this way, but I couldn't help it. 

Wendie and I watched a documentary on Amazon last night, Biggest Little Farm, and though the premise was a bit far-fetched for our situation (and most people's abilities, finances and skill level concerning a homestead), it was still filled with gorgeous filmography. 

It got me thinking. Taking things one step at a time is definitely the way to go. We have approached our homesteading journey that way, knowing that we're in it for the long haul. Each piece of the property connects with the other, and each must have a purpose. 

We need a garden. We don't need a koi pond. Too much all at once or something completely without value can be a shock to the homesteading system and throw everything out of whack. Eventually, nature will find the balance, but there's no need to rush.

We'll vary our garden crops next season, and lay some nice ground cover for the bees. A few more fruit tress to add to the orchard, and some more clearing toward the front to create space. Our homestead is only a one-acre spread, but it works for us. The plan is to manage it the smart way, not the 'get-it-done' way.

Cheers, and have a wonderful week:)

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family homesteading off the grid blog hop

Our featured blog post from last week was shared by Lisa from over at The Self Sufficient HomeAcreShe reminds us that bigger isn't necessarily better, and there can be much more value in smaller livestock if managed properly. It's a wonderful post, and we're sure you are going to enjoy it:)

Small Livestock with Big Benefits

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Lisa L Lombardo said…
Thank you for featuring my post! and thanks for hosting each week!
Melissa said…
I watched that movie on the plane to Colorado back in August and thought it was amazing. Yes, financed to the hilt but such a great story. And such a great vision.
My husband got to watch it on his way back home from visiting me in Colorado and really enjoyed it as well.
I would highly recommend it to anyone who homesteads, farms or gardens.

I think we all have to reassess from time to time - it is a good, healthy thing to do.

Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead