Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #40

family homesteading and off the grid blog hop

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We're getting better at managing our budget. We have our grocery bill under control, with sticking to the list and knowing what we can expect to pay at the register. I used to make the list, make an educated ball-park guess of what each item cost and then do the shopping.

This way, I knew what I wanted to pay for a certain item, and would try to spend less than my guesstimate. Anything left over was simply a bonus.On our last trip, Wendie and I were talking about a new idea, a $10 challenge. 

The idea is to spend $10 or less on a meal for 5 people. Proteins are a relatively expensive percentage of any food budget, but seeing as we have a freezer stocked with farm-raised pork and our own broilers, we were ahead of the game.

Oaxaca caciqueProteins that we would buy would be fish, most likely either stew fish or tilapia, at a cost of around $6.00 to feed the family. And though we have pork in the freezer, we don't have pork shoulder. To make at least two meals of carnitas, we would spend around $8.00, then a buck or two for Goya tortillas and cheese. The rest of the budget would go towards lettuce. We already have the salsa, onions and sauces, so our favorite Mexican dish would be our first challenge.
It all comes down to ways we can reduce our commercial consumption and provide a better life for the family. We're not hard-core preppers, and we certainly aren't isolationists, but every dime we don't have to spend puts us in a happier place. Look for a blog post on this in the near future.

Cheers, and have a wonderful week:)
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family homesteading & off the grid blog hop

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Our featured blog post from last week was shared by Melissa from over at the Little Frugal Homestead. Reading of how our friends and neighbors are living each day, even if they live hundreds or thousands of miles away, helps us see the bigger pictures in our lives. Thank you for sharing your week with us, Melissa:)
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Melissa said…
Hey there!

Thanks so much for the feature! Happenings on the Homestead rarely gets featured but this particular one was featured twice this week! I guess people do find our daily lives interesting!

I enjoyed you sharing your grocery game. I know that I am constantly trying to come up with strategies to save at the store. Prices seem to keep creeping up causing me to change my game plan!

We also are not hard core prepper but want to keep as much of our own money! If only more people realized that they just happily give away their hard earned money each and every day for often frivolous things. But I digress. lol

Thanks again for the feature and sharing your lived with us!

Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead
Lisa L Lombardo said…
Thanks for hosting! I try to keep my grocery bill low amazes me how much it all adds up. This year my garden didn't produce as well as I'd like so I'm buying more veggies than usual. Sigh. But we do still have a lot of home canned and frozen foods to help out!