I suppose we are only a week or so away from Veteran's Day on November 11th by this point. This time of year, I take time to remember my brothers and sisters who I served with in the service - those who made it home and those who didn't.

I don't talk with my kids about my service, and rarely will I share something with Wendie. I would like to change that. My time was a long time ago and in a different world. 

Nowadays, our children are sent off to fight without a cause, other than it is because they are sent and it is their job. As a nation, we are lacking in the moral and ethical code we once had and it brings me sadness. We fight to shore up the wealthy and powerful, not to disparage great evil. 

I will give the shoes off my feet to a vet in need. I will feed them and help them to a safe place. I will do what I can because that's what vets do for each other.

But you can be damn sure I wouldn't do that for a single politician.

Be well, do good and keep on keeping' on.

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    Thanks so much for hosting !! Thank you for you and your family's service!! My Dad was a WWII Vet and my FIL is a Korean War Vet, a marine with a Purple Heart.
    Lisa Lynn said…
    I agree with your sentiments shared today, Todd!
    Melissa said…
    Totally agree with you! Amen! Amen! Amen!
    My son is a Marine and my daughter is an Airman.
    Their paternal grandfather did two tours in Vietnam and rarely spoke of it. He had a purple heart which my son has now, along with a flight helmet he wore as a chopper pilot. The sacrifices those folks made are soon to be forgotten and not taught to the children of today. Sad.
    Thank you for your service!

    Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead
    WT Abernathy said…
    Thanks, folks:)
    It means a lot to hear you say such nice things-
    lisa lombardo said…
    Thank you for serving our country!