Family Homesteading & Off the Grid Blog Hop #39

family homesteading off the grid blog hop

I've been thinking lately about the little, simple things that we do in our homesteading lives that don't normally seem that exciting or interesting, but add very real value to our lives. For example, saving seeds.

Preserving seeds is a very easy thing to do, both in skill-level and time. We just wash the seeds from the pulp, dry for a few days, then label and bag them for next year.

Weeding the garden beds is another simple task we don't really spend much time thinking about. If we stay on top of it, pulling a weed or two when we see them, it alleviates a larger job down the road.

Then there are the recipes we tend to share on the blog. These are chosen for a balance of complexity and a certain uniqueness, but what about something as simple as egg noodles? Two eggs, beaten and mixed with all-purpose flour until it forms a dough. Roll out, slice, let set, then boil.

I suppose the point I'm getting at is that there are many things happening around the homestead that don't immediately seem thrilling and worthy of writing about, or even have enough material to cover in a post for that matter. But, these are special little events and creations, and I'm starting to think we should celebrate them more.

Winter is coming, and that means an increase in our blog posts. My goal is to remember these little things and share them without presumption of 'value.'

Cheers, and have a wonderful week:)

simple chicken stock
Making a Simple Chicken Stock

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family homesteading & off the grid blog hop

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!!!Featured Post from Last Week!!!

Our featured blog post from last week was shared by Nancy from over at the Nancy On the Homefront. We tried her recipe this weekend and found it to be crisp and delicious- this is a prefect fall treat and a great way to use our crabapples!

family homesteading & off the grid blog hop
Spiced Crabapple Jelly

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Nancy W said…
So glad you tried my Crabapple Jelly! I love that recipe! Thanks for hosting each week!
lisa lombardo said…
Thanks for hosting! It's true that there are so many little things everyday that go into homesteading. Today I made the eggnog French toast to use up some eggnog :) The weather is pretty wintery here...snowing and blowing like it's January!