That very special chill of fall is in the air. Our first frost is still a ways away, but you can tell the plants are adjusting and slowing down. We harvested tomatoes again yesterday, bringing in perhaps 20 pounds. These will become sauce. The squashed and melons are hardening off, getting ready for their own harvest.

The bees are preparing for the last rush of the season, the fall bloom of goldenrod and such. The pollen has slowed, but will pick up again as the next generation are born to support the queens through winter. Honey is being stored in both the brood boxes and the supers, so we can expect a harvest on that in a few weeks. A lot, it seems, happens when the end is near.


homestead bees
Learning What We Can From the Bees

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Our featured blog post from last week is from Melissa over at the Little Frugal Homestead, with her perfectly timed article on butchering Cornish rock hens. We decided to skip this fall's raise and harvest as our freezer is well stocked, but spring comes fast in these parts and we'll be doing it again when the snow clears. Congrats!

butchering hens
Butchering Cornish Rock Hens

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Lisa L Lombardo said…
Enjoy the rest of summer on your homestead! Things are cooling down a lot here in Northern Illinois. I have my cold frames set up and planted to extend our seasons into the cold weather. :)
Melissa said…
Thanks so much for the feature on Butchering Cornish Rock Meat Birds!
We are raising a small batch this fall. We are raising some for good friends of ours too and we will be processing as a group.

Thanks again,

Melissa | Little Frugal Homestead