Oh my. Yesterday's walkabout let us discover what might appear to be a horrible thing, but really isn't so bad in the long run because we caught it early. Tomato hornworms. Big, bulging, voracious hornworms going to town on our various tomato plants. 

There nasty suckers are easy to pick off and toss to the chickens, though at first glance the ladies weren't sure what to do with them. They've never foraged on a bug this size before. But, as the little blighters squirmed in the coop run, the instincts of the chickens took over and made short work of these pests.

Now, there are pesticides that will take care of the problem pretty quickly, but right now we don't feel there's a need. In fact, just inspecting the plants a couple times a day will let us spot the buggers, pick them off and give the ladies a treat.

That's where we are right now, anyway.

Happy August, everyone:)

tomato hornworms
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Good Morning! Thank you for hosting this week. I've shared #1 Balms, Salves, & Butters Knowing The Differences. Thank you for the reminder...I need to give my tomatoes a good look over :) Have a great week.
Nancy W said…
Thanks for featuring my post on composting! Really appreciate you hosting your party each week!