Welcome to week 11! This last week of April has us watching with joy as the crimson clover is sprouting, our second batch of lettuce is coming up and the spinach is looking mighty good. We have our spring broilers in the brooder, with a few that have been 'saved' by the kids and Wendie for inclusion in our egg flock. This morning, the girls and I are heading off to the feed store for some straw and shavings for the chicken run and garden, while this afternoon we're putting in the Brussel sprouts and hopefully, the herbs.

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Thank you, Lisa from The New Homesteader's Almanac for sharing your great post on how to start your own community gardening project!

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Lisa Lynn said…
Thank you for featuring my post on starting a community garden! Best wishes with your blog hop!
WT Abernathy said…
Hi Lisa!
Loved your article, and thank you for your encouragement:) I'm looking forward to reading what you post this week!