Tips for Working Moms to Balance Business and Kids

Today's post was submitted to us by the unknown blogger. Really. We asked if they wanted to let you all know who they were, and their response was adamant. No, we wish to remain anonymous. So, with that in mind, we still decided to publish this post, well, because there's some decent advice in here.

mompreneursAs children, all of us thought that our mothers had some kind of magical abilities or super powers to get everything done. That nothing is impossible for them and if there is a problem – mom will fix It. 

They will magically find things in the same place you have been searching for the past our, your mom comes and it just magically appears. They clean the house, cook, take care of us and leave us wondering if they even get any sleep? Ever? 

Being Mompreneurs

Any amount of appreciation for moms will never suffice. Specially working moms. Just imagine having two full time jobs. It is impossible, yes, but mompreneurs actually achieve that. They are both the boss at home and the boss at work. Many women are actually criticized on giving their career priority over their children although that is such a false and sexist assumption to make. 

Just like men, women can also have a family and work if they want to. It is not a given that a woman must sit at home like a hen on its eggs and the man can be the breadwinner. For some women that sense of independence is extremely important and can also be rather helpful by taking some burden off the husbands shoulder. So ladies, do not let your spark go.
To make the lives of mompreneurs easier, we have some tips on balancing business and familybecause you truly deserve them.

Get the help you need 

There is no harm in spending some extra dollars and getting extra help temporary or permanent, whatever suits you. This can clear your mind and give you satisfaction that your precious babies are under constant supervision. A helping hand never hurts and a tiring routine like yours can definitely use some.

Involve your husbands 

Many women have this false perception that only they are the ones responsible to take care of their children and men must only provide them with the finances. Change that. Make your other halves realize that they are not just your children but theirs too. This way you can divide your time whichever way it suits you thus it will result in dividing the burden. 

Divide your time carefully 

Every day or at least most of the days you must give time to your children. Preferably more time to them. Or you can divide it accordingly by giving them your days off completely and a slightly lesser ration of the chunk of your time on your working days. This way you will create a balance. It will give you the satisfaction that you are not neglecting your kids nor your work which is very important.

Plan vacations 

Some long consistent family time is very important. The best way to do that is to take a nice long vacation to somewhere away from home and work and spend the best quality time with solely your family.


After a tiring day at work, many of us would want to just sit in front of the television quietly, read a book and just stay quite. You have to let that go. Make sure you communicate with your kids about their day and your day. This way you stay updated and close. 

Do not forget yourself

Some time to yourself is also very important so that you do not over exhaust yourself and lose your mind. This is why always spare yourself some me-time and relax. You truly deserve it and your family knows it. 

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