Online Exotic Organic Mail Order Seeds

online exotic organic mail order seeds
Part of the July Garden
God help me this growing season isn’t even halfway over and I’m drooling over online organic seed catalogs.

Seriously- there’s a permanent dribble rolling down my chin.

My garden has completed its leafy green run, with the romaine and red leaf pulled for the season and the extraroom used for another couple of butternut squash. 

These go in simply because I love to eat them, and because the damn buggers last forever even without a root cellar. I’ll have my entire crop situated on my kitchen counters all winter and when it’s time soup or roasted squash – there they are.

Mail Order Seeds

But back to the exotic seeds catalogues and mail order seeds. Those who know me understand that I look for a few things from my plants. I’m non-GMO of course, and I like to use heirloom whenever possible. 

I also like to know my mail order seeds are coming from someone who cares, usually small businesses that do this sort of thing out of love rather than money. I like to support artisans… crafts folk… the salt of the earth… true renaissance purveyors of fine natural products.

And I’ve hit the jackpot.

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Brazilian Vermelho Round Eggplant
Again, readers who know me have heard of my cousin Jennie studying out in Canberra, and I have Aussie fever. It is a sort of a low-grade fever in need of a few natural medicinal plants, but fascinating nonetheless. 

Taking these two elements together, I started looking into mail order seeds I could acquire through proper channels to bring to my garden… and I found the Aussie seed seller Fair Dinkum Seeds. Hell, I landed hard and am not in a rush to get up. Australian heirloom seeds – what more could I ask for?

Online Seeds Seller

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Hairy Melon New Guinea Bean
I’m looking over seeds that would seriously bring my square foot garden up a notch or two, like the Brazilian Vermelho Round eggplants, and the Hairy Melon New Guinea bean. Now we’re talking about a quality online seeds seller.

These folks at Fair Dinkum are the real deal in offering unusual vegetable seeds and rare medicinal plants, and offer great prices without messing with your head. There’s a Facebook page for folks looking for a more personalized approach, but orders can be made through the website as well. Being in the scrub, they make their way in the world solely as a top notch online seed seller. 

As a bit of advice, take some timeand check your zones against these Australian propagated beauties. A little research goes a long way, and you’ll be glad you did when your exotics start to sprout.

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