A Simple Homesteading Life at Leo's Lodge

homesteading life
Lakeside of our homestead
It's windy today, so much so that Wendie and I are using our morning to catch up on work for the businesses. The rain the fast few days is drying out thanks to the gusts, and as temperatures are expected to rise above 50 this afternoon, we figure that's our cue to do a little work outside. This homesteading life is all about finding the balance and staying the course.

I suppose any day that passes where we're publishing books in the morning and then running the chainsaw in the afternoon is a good one. We have so much going on that just keeping track of things can be a challenge. 

On the business side, we have three books coming out between May and September that we're getting ready for (did you know we own a publishing house?), several new social media and publicity clients, and the usual host of SEO articles going out the door. Then, on the homesteading side of things, spring has arrived with clean up and gardening to get underway.

Homesteading Life

homesteading life
Elizabeth with Bruce
We love the homesteading life we've made for ourselves. All those years in the city taught us that working toward sustainability and self-sufficiency isn't outside the box thinking, but rather the logical choice. 

A consumer-lifestyle just drains the bank account as there's always something that needs replacing or fixing or adding to the house. It is so much simpler to either create it ourselves or do without it.

I think it's a balance of finding our needs and wants. We need food, clothes, heat and a happy home. We might want to add to our classic video game collection (yes, we have one), and we might want to buy some new toys for the kids but we don't need to. 

In fact, while writing this I really had to think hard what it might be we would want to buy. There really is nothing else that comes to mind. The consumer mentality is departing- wow.

Today and Tomorrow's Homesteading List

homesteading life
Today's Bread (Naan)
We're planning on heading outside this afternoon and cutting up an oak that fell last fall. After dropping the kids off at school, I dropped in the hardware store for a chat, some 2-cycle oil, bar oil, new gloves and a new 1 gallon gas tank. You see, my old one has a hole in it near the spout. Yes, I bought things, but these are mindful purchases that we do need.

After the oak is cut up, we'll take a look at the marsh and do some trimming of the swamp maples since we have the chainsaw out. There are a few projects that need to be accomplished, and it'll feel good to get them done. We may live off the grid, but we don't want to have the Tobacco Road look for too much longer. Landscaping is a priority.

Wendie led the charge to get the garden up and running, and with 9 4x4 square foot garden beds, we think we have a good start. The lettuces were transplanted, and we seeded of spinach and parsnips for a mid summer harvest. May 1st will see another short planting cycle, with the majority of the remainder going in May 15th. 

The Bees Are Coming

homesteading life
We keep a gardening journal
At the end of April, our first bees arrive. I still need to build the last hive, as well as place the risers in the future fruit orchard to keep them off the ground, but that is a short homesteading task for tomorrow. 

Package one is the Italians with queen, while the Carniolans arrive at the end of May. Honey isn't our focus this first season, but rather building a strong colony.

I'm sure there's more going on in between all of this, but for now, these are our goals. One foot in front of the other. To get all worked up at looking at the big picture can be frustrating and makes us wonder if we can get it done. But we can and it's not that difficult. It's just a little at a time to keep things in perspective.

We love sharing our homesteading life with you all, and love it when you join the conversation. And for you new folks, don't forget to subscribe for more homestead, off-the-grid goodness!