How to Talk Like a Pirate

How to talk like a pirate
Enough time in the tractor will cause me to get a little weird. Sure, I'll whistle a bit. Maybe a sing a song at the top of my lungs. And on occasion, I'll gather up my britches, squint my eye and practice how to talk like a pirate.

New Hampshire is known for their pirates, don't you know. A proud pirate history, starting back farther than recorded time, when scalawags and wenches ruled these cold, Atlantic waters. Arr.

How to Talk Like a Pirate 

If nothing else, I am a local shopper. Whether it is from my grocer down the streetcar supplementals  the fruit and vegetable stand a bit further on, or any myriad of businesses from which I might have need that I cannot produce myself.

As I tend to stay solidly in the racks of classic literature, with an occasional foray into books recommended to me by fellow MFAers, my shelves are lined with 1st editions next to local authors. I work the independent bookstores like Water Street Books in Exeter when I can, seeking that elusive title that captures my fancy.

How to Talk Like a Pirate

how to talk like a pirate
Like our latest acquisition, Talk Like a Pirate, by Lady Wench and Grace O'Blarney and published by Concord, NH publisher New Forest Books. Each page presents both nodding remembrance of my own time at sea, and a gasp in awe or two upon expanding my salty vocabulary.

The book has delightful tidbits of pirate history, pirate folklore, trivia, and recipes to make even the most land-lubbery of bow-leggers sit up and take notice.

Pirate Folklore

September 19th, known to those in the know as How to Talk Like a Pirate Day, affords myself, my family, and my students an opportunity to cast off our lines and head for adventurous waters with imagination and poorly recited piratical dialogues. And once in a while, some may even dress the part and recount the tales of Young Jim and his voyage to Treasure Island.

how to talk like a pirateGranted, many return to the solace of their smart phones instead of remaining for the spray of salt water on their cheeks, but for others - 

Those very special others who see more than a desk and a whiteboard before them the seven seas are calling in their dreams, and a little help from Talk Like a Pirate might well help them slip aboard a tramp steamer one day to view the world on their own terms.

Or grow a beard.