5 Cool Earth Day 2019 Facts and Trivia

Earth Day 2019We hold that the earth should be respected, protected and shared. On our homestead, everything we do is with a consciousness to keep our lives green and as least impactful on our environment as we can. That means not only recycling, but being responsible consumers. No plastics if we can help it. Reusable shopping bags. Composting. Planting with the kitchen, wildlife and our children in mind. That is what Earth Day 2019 means to us.

Turn on the television and you'll see a whole lot of buzz about Earth Day this year. The EPA has been gutted and replaced with anti-environment lobbyists. Walls are being constructed across natural grazing and migration lines. Consumerism is rampant and what is being done is not enough.

Earth Day 2019

The old saying is that every day is Earth Day, but on April 22nd each year the population of the entire planet reflects on their attachment to this green and blue rock by doing things that make an impact. The rest of the year they seem to do what they want, but April 22nd, is a gathering, and folks don't like to miss a gathering.

Earth Day 2019 will be like those before it. Demonstrations are held, speeches are scheduled, and for just a short 24-hour period, folks stop and reflect on their environmental impact. Tweets will be re-tweeted, Facebook posts will be liked and Instagram stories will explode.

I'm sorry, I'm being grumpy. I know there are conscientious people still out there.

So, to not be so grumpy, we've put together the lighter-side of Earth Day 2019. Here now, is a list of little-known trivia and facts about the day that we all can mull over while planting a tree or picking up trash by the side of the road.

Earth Day Trivia

As I'm still working off the grumps, our first Earth Day trivia share concerns conspiracy theories. They're everywhere, even among Earth Day advocates.

Right-wing activists have attempted to discredit the observance by spreading a rumor that the observed date of April 22 was chosen because it was Vladimir Lenin's birthday. Conservative pundits against the environmental movement state that organizers and participants share the communist goal of destroying private property. Seriously, I just want to garden and feed my family without the government getting involved.

Flower Power

The idea for Earth Day actually originated from the U.S. Congress, with a senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson. He was inspired by the peaceful anti-war demonstrations of the '60s on college campuses, and believed a similar tactic could be used to teach others about the environment. 

Nelson would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his role in the founding of Earth Day. 

Earth Day Events Times 2

earth day events
There are two events observing Earth Day in the U.S. The most prominent is the one held on April 22, but a lesser-known celebration is held on March 21, which is aptly named Spring Equinox Earth Day. Originated in San Francisco by conversationalist John McConnell, the date is meant to represent balance and equilibrium.

Wendie and I celebrate both, with a clean up project in March, and a series of plantings in April. This year, we're receiving a truckload of trees from the Arbor Day people that will be set around the homestead.

Earth Day 2019 World Observation

Though the U.S. started observing Earth Day in 1970, it wasn't until 2009 that International Mother Earth Day was designated by the United Nations. To keep everything logical, April 22 was the date chosen for the world to observe as one community.

Everyone Doing Their Part

To date, over 2.7 billion people have registered and pledged various 'Acts of Green' through the Earth Day Network online with plans to work to make a better world for everyone.

We love sharing our everyday off the grid homesteading adventure with you all (even when I'm being a bit of a grump), and truly enjoy hearing from you. Do you plan on doing something for Earth Day 2019? Maybe you have some Earth Day trivia to share? Let us know by joining the conversation below, and don't forget to subscribe for daily homesteading goodness! 


candy said…
Earth Day events are wonderful and make people aware of how important taking care and replace is to help our earth. Found you on Homestead Blog Hop.
WT Abernathy said…
We'll be doing our fair share of tree and shrub planting by then- thanks for stopping by!