WNGD: Observing World Naked Gardening Day on Our Homestead

May the 4th usually passes through our homestead with a few nods to Star Wars and an expectation of Cinco de Mayo. It's a great time of year to throw off the weight of the past winter and mud to embrace the sunlight and an explosion of green. This year, we are looking forward to WNGD.

I, and perhaps Wendie (we haven't discussed it in detail yet), will be doing the spring beckoning au natural in Dionysusian, Demeterian and Persephonic celebration of World Naked Gardening Day. Yes, WNGD, observed annually and world-wide on the first Saturday of May. This year, it falls on May the 4th.

I suppose you could call me a casual nudist. On days where I might be alone in the house, or perhaps when it's just Wendie and I, it's comfortable to walk about in the buff. Stoking the wood stove in the nude. Baking buck naked. Writing in my birthday suit. There's freedom in being unadorned, and I think it's time to join the celebration of creative emergence with a shedding of clothes.

WNGD Observed

The first WNGD took place in September of 2005, promoted as a means of spreading the message of clothes free gardening through Nude and Natural Magazine. Though some organized promotion was done early on, the movement spread in a grass roots campaign to become an international observation of the great nudist naturalists from history. Our heritage dictates that we pay homage to these great thinkers:

Adam and Eve, gardening before their fall from grace. "Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame." (Genesis 2:25 NIV)

Walt Whitman, enjoying the fullness of nature without clothes on, "Sweet, sane, still Nakedness in Nature! -- ah if poor, sick prurient humanity in cities might really know you once more! Is not nakedness then indecent? No, not inherently." (Specimen Day, 1882)

Hesiod encouraging farmers to increase their connection to the land, "When the Atlas-Born Pleiades rise, start the harvest - the plowing, when they set... This is the rule for the plains, and for those who dwell near the sea and those far from the swelling sea in the valleys and glens, fertile land: so naked, and plow naked, and harvest naked, if you want to bring in all of Demeter's work in due season, so that each crop may grow for you in its season." (Works and Days, Lines 383-394, 700 BC, Edited and Translated by Glenn Most, 2007)

Naked Gardening

naked gardeningI'm of the mind that observing WNGD and naked gardening might be a one-off thing for me. We're off the grid and homesteading at the end of a long, private road so there's no issue with public indecency, but I think there's the practical side of it to consider. 

For one, no pockets. I'll keep everything in my pockets from nails to seed packets to my everyday carry pocket knife.

Then, of course, there will be the absence of any protective clothing. Naked gardening will mean a little more skin exposure to thorns and biting insects. 

Maybe I'm overthinking it and will change my mind after May the 4th, but maybe I won't. I want to try it to say I did it and to see if I get any mental health benefits from it. 

World Gardening Day

world gardening dayWorld gardening day from a nudist aspect is a celebration of free clothing choices and a connection to nature. The practice isn't sexualized, but rather an approach to freedom by doing something that feels good. Into this world we are born without, and from of this world we will depart the same.

Now, there are some suggested gardening tasks to avoid this May, and I'll be taking the advice to heart. As a homesteader, I always place safety first.
  • Skip using the weed walker. There's more at stake than bushwhacking a perennial by accident.
  • Stay away from rhododendrons, rose bushes and other spiky nemesis'.
  • Avoid applying fertilizers and soil amendments that cause skin irritation, even organic ones.
  • Don't tip off the neighbors. They will get curious and bring cameras.

Truenudist Gardening Attitude

wngd truenudist
Now, I believe there's nothing wrong with nudity as a lifestyle. I don't. As I've said before, when alone in the house it's comfortable to putter about doing chores and catching up on some writing. 

However, observing WNGD will have to be done outside and in the garden to let me feel some sense of accomplishment. It shall be done.

If you are interested in the movement, you can follow the Truenudist hashtag on Twitter, or check out the festivities as reported through Nude and Naturalist Magazine.

May the 4th will arrive before we know it, so let's hope I don't forget my sunscreen. And yes, I will be sharing after the fact, so subscribe to the blog today to stay in the loop.

We love sharing our off the grid homesteading experiences with you all, and love to hear from you! Have you ever done naked gardening? Do you observe WNGD? Is this an aspect of world gardening day that you've never heard of? What do you think? Please share your perspectives by joining the conversation below!