How to Pot Succulents

how to pot succulents
Wendie and I are on another of our epic road trips with the kids as I write this, enjoying the fresh and clear sunshine of an LA winter. The weather is hovering around 60 each day, with blue skies and friendly folk wherever we turn up. So far, we've seen the LA Zoo, Hermosa Beach and Disneyland. On each street corner and along each wall there are cacti, palms and assorted desert perennials. So, I figure now was a good a time as any for a homesteading tutorial on how to pot succulents for your home decor.

You don't have to live in a perpetually warm growing zone to have succulents, you just need to have bright sun, such as you would find on a windowsill in New England. Indoor succulents add an exotic splash of panache to your home's atmosphere and are fun and entertaining to grow. And grow they will, meaning potting and re-potting will become one of your connections to these illustrious and entrancing plants.

How to Pot Succulents the Homesteading Way

how to pot succulents
Like any other gardening experience, knowing how to pot succulents means learning a little about the plants you will be gardening with. There are many types of succulents, from dwarf varieties to massive, overshadowing behemoths. With the right space and growing environment, you can grow a desert in your living room.

Choose plants that work for your conditions and space. Small dwarf varieties work well on windowsills and hallway tables with direct sunlight. Larger varieties will thrive in adequately lighted corners or next to staircases as a striking focal point for a southwestern design flair. The sky is the limit for your selections, so take your time and choose from the many types succulents that are right for you.

Types of Succulents

types of succulentsThere are many types of succulents and cacti and the variety you want to grow will determine the pot size needed. Mini succulents like Baby Jade, Fairy Washboard or Coral Reef will need small pots to grow in. Larger growing succulents like Mother-in-Law Tongue (it's sharp!) and Aloe Vera will need large pots that are at least 12 inches deep to begin with and equally wide. Some succulents like Burro's Tail grow downward and make attractive hanging planters.

The types of succulents choose for your home will say a great deal about your personality. Are you the prickly type, or more cuddly and cozy? There is a succulent to match any personality type, just as there are different types of dogs and cats and ball pythons that folks keep as pets.

How to Pot Succulents

how to pot succulents
Succulents do not like moist soil, so it's essential for you to have a pot with a drainage hole and to use a fast-draining potting mixture. Use a potting soil mix that is specially formulated for succulents and cacti as a growing medium.

You can also develop your own growing medium by adding a handful of sand to standard potting soil. The sand will prevent the soil from becoming water logged and promote fast drainage. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time. Succulents are hardy little buggers and will have some give and take while to zero in on the perfect growing medium for them.

How to Repot Succulents Homesteading Style

how to repot succulents
Succulents and cacti are slow growing, but they may need to be repotted into larger containers every few years. When it's time to push the button, knowing how to repot succulents is includes choosing the right pot. Select a pot that is 2 inches larger than the original container the succulent is moving from. Add your fast draining potting soil, again, the one designed specifically for succulents and cacti, to within 1 inch of the pot's top edge.

Create a hole in the center of the potting soil with your fingers, gently moving the potting medium away and lifting it out without compacting it. Use a spoon to remove the succulent from its old home with a spoon, roots and all. Place the plant in the center hole you created in the new pot and back-fill the hole with potting soil. Form the soil gently with your fingers.

All types of succulents are slow growing and will rarely need to be repotted. Many will produce colorful blooms under the right conditions and add a special ambiance to your living space. Simple to care for and fun to care for with kids, your road to a succulent garden indoors starts with learning how to pot succulents the right way.

We love sharing our homesteading life with you all, and truly enjoy hearing from you. Do you have any tips on how to pot succulents? Did you know about how to repot succulents? What are you favorite types of succulents? Let us know by joining the conversation below and don't forget to subscribe for more great stories!


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