Guest Post: Why I Love Being a Homesteading Kid

homesteadingWe are fortunate to be hosting a guest blog post from Elizabeth, age 12. As a sixth grade honor's student in her rural school, she loves learning almost as much as she loves being a homesteading kid. (Our homesteading kid!)

She swims competitively and does her fair share of chores that include taking care of the chickens and cleaning up after dinner. She enjoys writing, crafting whenever she can, learning to cook and being a big sister to Carolyn and a little sister to her step-brothers, Sammy and Joey.

Why I Love Being a Homesteading Kid

I love being a homesteading kid because we get to have chickens. I can swim till my fingers are all wrinkly and they look like grandma hands. 

We get to roam in the woods and play in the trees all day long.  

When you roam in the woods you can sometimes spot a deer or a newly fallen tree. You can also stare at the sky for hours and hours and not even get bored. You can also stay up on weekends and stare at the night sky and see all of the amazing stars.

My Homesteading Life

homesteadingEven at night when it is quiet in the house sometimes you can hear the hum of the solar batteries in the basement. You can wake up and see the solar panels waiting for the day ahead to charge. I can also see my loving dog Bailey and her bundle of joy loving all of us.  

One last thing I love about living on a homestead is you can wake up from the rooster, you can see the beautiful sunrise also you can see the sun set at night. Those are the things that I love most about a being a homesteading kid.