Goals for a Plastic Free Environment

plastic free
Today's Post by Wendie ♥️
My goal for 2019 is going as plastic free of a household as possible. Plastic is the devil. There are simple things like using reusable bags, putting produce in the recycled bag instead of plastic (I'm going to wash it anyway when I get home) but some things are not as easy.

Such as, one cannot buy milk without a plastic bottle. This household drinks an insane amount of milk in my opinion. I don't drink milk, and neither do the boys, but we still use two gallons a week for cereal, or cooking or just drinking. So there's that.

Plastic Free Environment

plastic free environmentWe use reusable water bottles as much as possible, but even then, sometimes when you are out and about and thirsty as can be it's almost impossible to find something not incased in plastic. A plastic free environment is possible, just difficult to achieve.

Fact is only about 30% of plastic gets recycled. We all need to do our part to reduce this problem on our planet. That stuff doesn't go anywhere. It hangs out in our oceans and parks and we are killing our planet. It makes me very sad.

Small Things Make a Difference

  • I do not use straws. People can drink from a cup, we don't need a straw.
  • I place my produce when shopping in my reusable bags. Plastic free.
  • I won't buy orange juice in plastic, only paper cartons.
  • Try to buy local that encourages reusing bottles (things like lotion and such. Some stores give a discount if you bring your bottle back.)
  • If I forget my reusable bags when shopping, I ask for paper bags. We can either use them again or burn them. At the very least they will break down.
plastic free
We compost and try to be aware of the matter at hand but the struggle is real. Chicken feed comes in a plastic/poly blend bag. Kitty litter comes in a plastic bag. My new comforter came in a plastic zip bag. Shampoo and conditioner are in plastic containers. Toilet paper comes incased in plastic wrap.

Even fresh berries come in plastic containers, at least in the winter when the farmer's market is not open. I can do nothing with these things except attempt to recycle them and hope for the best. I feel bad about this but don't know how to solve it. We are a world that loves plastic.

What do you do to reduce plastic consumption? I'd love to hear your thoughts on going plastic free. Please join the conversation below!