How to Can Food for the Zombie Apocalypse

how to can foodThe Center for Disease Control actually has a zombie preparedness and response emergency plan in place should the undead decide to make an appearance.

It's the government, so what better excuse to learn how to can food? Granted, this was a fun way of planning for something more realistic such as infrastructure break-down or a fast-spreading anthrax epidemic, but you can bet they put their stamp on the popular survival scenario. 

In this vein, we decided to share some homesteading advice on how to can food for the zombie apocalypse.

Just remember, it is not a matter of Could it happen, but rather, When. They are coming, and what will separate survivors from those who join the zombie horde relies on a few basic principles, one of the most important being a reliable food source. Scavenging uses energy, so the less you spend on searching for your next calorie intake can be put to another use. Knowing how to can food for the zombie apocalypse means your larder stays full.

If you have no food, it's really not worth living now, is it?

How to Can Food

how to can food
The wonderful thing about how to can food starts with the simplicity of the techniques. Canning food for preservation has been done for centuries, with our most modern practices coming from the great agricultural age of the 19th century.

Understanding the basic chemistry of how to can food takes the guesswork out of the process, and having a firm stance on asking for help when questions arise will keep you safe.

There are three widely used, kitchen-based methods for preserving food in the home. The first simply is to freeze your excess in airtight containers. The second is the hot water bath method and the third requires the use of a pressure canner. Each are simple methods with only a variance in the equipment used when working from the garden, but if you are looking to can fish, meat or similar a pressure canner is a must.

The basic concepts of canning all revolve around removing pathogens from the equation. Freezing, water baths and pressure canning do so at different levels of intensity and therefore work best with certain kins of food. How to can food for the zombie apocalypse means knowing what you are canning and what steps are required to do so successfully.

Use these resources to learn how to can food safely when you get stuck:

How is Food Preserved

how is food preservedHow is food preserved when canning for the apocalypse? Each of the three methods rely on removing pathogens from the foods that would speed up decomposition and spoilage of your stores. 

Heat and cold both are inhibitors and will sanitize to an extent, but if power maintenance for a freezer is questionable, going with the hot water bath or pressure canner is your best bet. 

Different foods have different shelf-lives when canned, so consult the specific recipe against the USDA information to be sure. As a general rule, hot water and pressure canned goods will last the longest.

When canning, foods may discolor a bit when they interact with the environment where they exist. This means that a little browning on the peaches in the jar isn't a bad thing, just an indication of some air-drying in the vacuum beneath the lid. Fuzzy green and gray mold should be disposed of immediately, however.

Canning How To

canning how toA solid canning how to guide starts with sanitation. Once your equipment is clean, follow the recipe for your particular food to the letter. 

Any variances including last minute additions of seasonings and stock could cause an imbalance in the ph levels during preparation and could create a huge and possibly fatal mess. Even the most seasoned of survivalist food peppers will stick with a recipe that works.

The best canning how to guide comes from the USDA in terms of understanding ph levels and safe canning practices. They even have a heritage collection of recipes from past generations that have stood up to the test of time. For a more updated recipe list, pair your federal education in canning with information found on the Ball Canning Jar website.

Ball Canning Recipes

Ball canning recipes are a standard in any home that practices food preservation. Each recipe is time-tested and specific to the foods you plan on putting up. A full larder and successful survival strategy certainly starts with the rows of filled jars found on your shelves as well as your creativity for using them in various meal plans. 

How to can food for the zombie apocalypse is a wonderful skill to have and will ensure your inclusion in any closed colony looking to re-populate the planet.

We love sharing our off grid homesteading life with you all, and really enjoy it when you join the conversation. Do you can? How are your stores holding up? Let us know below!