4 Elemental Homestead Business Ideas

homestead business ideasOur idea for being self-sufficient and living off the grid included a plan for being self-employed. Over the years, we mulled over homestead business ideas that would work for us and then made it happen. It may be difficult to believe, but with the right financial planning and preparation, it was easy and simple to step away from being employed by someone else to work for our own benefit. Our move to the homestead made this completely possible.

In a nutshell, good homestead business ideas generate from doing what you love in a market that will support your financial needs. Our success was found in diversifying, though yours might well come from only one or two methods. The key is to enjoy what you are doing and make it work for you.

Homestead Business Ideas

For us, running business from the house made sense. Our finished basement was perfect for my wife's office, while I can work my freelance SEO business from anywhere that is comfortable. I'll move from the kitchen table to the couch to even the bedroom if a change of scenery is in order. The key to our steady income is being flexible in what we do. Between my wife and myself we have four businesses that keep us on track for our bills and retirement plans. Homestead business ideas still keep coming in, but as we have found what works for us, we will be sticking with those for the time being.

Homestead Business Ideas

homestead business ideas
For us, balancing our budget and retirement plans did require some income coming in, though it is a fraction of what was once required with credit card debt and a mortgage hanging over our heads. In preparation for buying our forever homestead we were able to pay off all of our floating debt, from the plastic to the bank note over the course of five years. Our current expenditures are limited to groceries, our property taxes, the kids' needs and assorted sundries. Everything is paid up front. We've left the credit revolver far behind us and will never go back again.

Our four businesses require some dedicated time each day, leaving us to work the farm the way it should be. My wife runs a successful publicity company and a publishing house for literary fiction, while I have my woodworking business and freelance SEO services. I also teach adjunct classes at the local community college for a change of pace, though the income from that is negligible in light of our other streams.

The key to these homestead business ideas we had was to work at things that not only brought in money but that we enjoyed doing as well. If we didn't like an idea, it would be shelved, no matter the income potential. Homesteading for us is all about our family and the majority of our days are set on that task.

Small Acreage Business Ideas

small acreage business ideas
Our businesses work for us, but there are other small acreage business ideas that could work as well. Everyone has already heard about turning a highly-productive garden plot into an income stream through direct market sales, but there is also an opportunity to use it as a classroom. If gardening is your thing, post a local advertisement offering a gardening course. Decide on a price per student, write out a combination of lectures and demonstrations to share and then enjoy your new profession.

The same can be done with any livestock you might have. Small acreage business ideas work because you are doing what you're good at. If you keep bees for honey sales, think of incorporating a beekeeping class into your income stream. Chickens are a great multi-purpose farm animal and bringing backyard farmers to your plot of soil to teach them how to increase their enjoyment would be a great idea as well. If you butcher your animals, there are plenty of people who would learn those skills as well.

Easy Ways to Make Money on a Farm

easy ways to make money on a farm
There are countless easy ways to make money on a farm, and all of them depend on what you feel comfortable doing and what you would like to do. Experiment with classes if you love speaking with people. Expand your production of honey by putting in a few more hives and selling it online as well as at farmer's markets and such.

If your location allows for good traffic, set up a roadside stand for eggs, veggies and whatever you enjoy producing. If manning it for hours on end isn't your idea of fun, set up an honor system with a lock box and posted prices. Incorporate your hobbies into an income stream by selling your wares. There's always a hot market for natural soaps and production of these scented gems is one of several easy ways to make money on a farm.

Homestead Income

homestead incomeOur homestead business ideas worked for us because we planned for them and did our research. For you, the sky is the limit for how you derive your own homestead income. Start with listing out the things you enjoy making or would feel comfortable teaching and see if there's a market for it. 

If offering classes seems overwhelming but still fun, remember that you don't have to teach every week just as you don't have to hit every farmer's market with your veggies every day. Make your own schedule, find a balance that works and make a plan. Be flexible and recognize that not everything is going to work the way you want it. Be creative with your homestead income ideas and you will soon find success.

We love what we do, and would enjoy hearing your thoughts on potential homestead business ideas as well. Homestead income is something that takes dedication, so please share you stories with us in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe for daily homesteading goodness!