Easy Energy Saving Tips

easy energy saving tipsAs we move towards a sustainable energy footprint on a national scale with wind farms, solar collectors and geo-thermal sources, it by no means alleviates our personal responsibility to do more with less at home. Easy energy saving tips are the way to go. Conservation and efficient use is how we will help our descendants improve the planet we leave them.

For our new homestead, we run a combination of energy-saving techniques. Solar power, wood heat in the form of traditional cord wood and pellets, and a propane tank for limited appliances. There are plenty of easy energy saving tips you can incorporate into your own home, but it starts with a desire to do so.

Easy Energy Saving Tips

easy energy saving tipsPossibly the simplest easy energy saving tips revolve around personal habits. Think of energy conservation as a mantra, an awareness the becomes habit. Turn off lights you simply don't need. Unplug vampire draws in the form of stereos and chargers. Look in your kitchen for blenders, coffee makers and toaster ovens that pull power and then unplug them.

That slight trickle of electricity adds up over time. Nightlights, exterior illumination and even a bare bulb in the garage can be turned off to save both energy and money in a simply effective manner. Even if there is no LED light on the front to let you know it is being powered, that unit is still drawing power as the circuit is open simply by being plugged in. Unplug what you aren't using and you will see the result on your electrical bill.

Energy Conservation Methods

energy conservation methodsThere truly is no end to the ways you can enact energy conservation methods into your lifestyle. Everything from replacing and enlarging your windows to changing your lightbulbs to more energy-conscious ones will add to your decreased electric-use footprint. LED and CFL bulbs both do wonders with conservation. They may cost a little more than traditional bulbs but this is easily made up with extended life expectancy.

With the help of an electrician you can take a hard look at the breakers in your home, replacing these with more efficient and better matches for the circuit they are controlling. Breaker replacement is one of those energy conservation methods many don't think of, but by doing it you can see an immediate reduction in your monthly bill.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

energy saving tips for your homeEnergy saving tips for your home can be applied to every room and area without much effort. Look to replace worn-out appliances with those that carry an Energy Star rating. These household items are designed specifically with conservation methods in mind and are engineered for long life and efficiency. It might not be a bad idea to take this opportunity to simplify your life as well, taking a hard look at the appliances you have and whether you truly need them.

Is a dedicated wine fridge with a single bottle in it worth keeping? How about that electric bagel slicer? The panini grill you got for a Yankee Swap gift last year? You get the idea. These only add to our carbon footprint and truly aren't needed. We don't have to become hermits and deny all electrical use but we do need to understand how we use power and how much the cost is, both to our monthly power bill and the cost to the environment from which we draw from.

How to Use Less Energy

how to use less energyDoing more with less can become your solution to lowered energy bills and reducing a carbon footprint. Shop local to not only support your neighbors but to use less gas driving to the big box stores. Run your dishwasher only when it gets full rather than after every meal. If you want to go hard-core, get rid of it all together, wash your dishes by hand and use that space as more cabinet storage. Knowing how to use less energy will cascade into greater options for saving your electric and heating budget. 

When wondering how to use less energy we took a hard look at what we needed and balanced that with what we wanted. Granted, we run off of solar but even that power is limited by the size of our battery banks. Good conservation habits and practices keep our minds at ease and lets us not worry about our load at any given time, even in the winter with decreased collection times. We like to think we run a green home and still realize there's much more we can do.

how to use less energyWe would love to hear your easy energy saving tips, whether you are off grid or connected. Please add to the conversation below in the comments section.