Atlanta's DJ Younjosh is Breaking Sound Barriers

It is rare when an artist brings to the stage an original, high energy voice and when that happens, it is our responsibility to pay attention. Such are the sounds originating from Atlanta’s own up and coming DJ and producer Younjosh, sharp tones of vibrant life experience mixed with an energy that captivates immediately and refuses to let go. His artistry and his heart are on display for each show he crafts, weaving those innate skills held by only the most innovative.



Atlanta's music scene is seeing an explosion of originality the likes of which haven't been experienced in decades. Night after night, crowds seek out the scene that Younjosh is laying down from the Fox Theatre, the Red Martini and the Buckhead Saloon. Digging into his mixes, one can readily feel the excitement and the process of his art. To be honest, his shows need to be experienced to truly begin to grasp where Atlanta's music scene is heading.

Perhaps the best example of Younjosh’s magic can be demonstrated through his sold-out show at the world famous Fox Theatre in midtown Atlanta back in March of 2018. By 9 that night, the Fox was at capacity and the night rolled on through Younjosh’s eclectic music selection. The floor was packed from first beat drop to the last, his sounds reaching a new audience for South Gwinnett High School’s stellar prom night. To bookend the night, the patron of the Fox joined him on stage for a congratulatory revel.

At this time, midtown Atlanta is an exciting place, where great and cutting edge music can still be accessed. Though his star is rising faster than even he can imagine, DJ Younjosh is still in the scene that he is helping to build back up. Select events in Atlanta can still book him through and can be part of the experience as the story unfolds in his social media accounts. Should you wish to be part of this historic and meteoric rise, check out what he's saying through his music. You'll thank yourself when you do.

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