Taking Home Music Lessons Seriously

learn bass onlineIt seems there is a revolution in my home.

Not one of anger, and certainly not one of social outrage, but instead, a revolution of ideas. My kids have fully kicked into their discovery phase, and as a parent, I certainly don't want to turn them away from anything that might be a lifelong passion. My youngest wants to learn bass online.

As such, music is the key to a happy home. There's an electric drum kit in the boy's room, and two acoustic guitars in the game room. In the bedrooms, there is at least one ukulele, a harmonica and some sort of hand-held percussion instrument. A violin resides in the living room when unused, or in the basement during practice times.

learn bass online
There's a great deal of sound in our home, and soon there will be another. The deep thrums of a bass guitar.

My youngest is interested and wants to put some focus into that.

Though some lessons come from school, as my oldest daughter is investigating by learning her violin, and the drum lessons come from the oldest boy, the bass guitar will be an online experience. There simply isn't enough time between other commitments to schedule a solid lesson time.

It's coming from online, and for that, I'm doing my research. Subreel is a great resource, as are higher-rated YouTube channels. If there's a desire to learn bass online, this is the way to go.

learn bass onlineIt's up to her once I decide where the lessons will come from, but you can be sure the bass won;t be as a hard a lesson to endure as the violin.

Check out Subreel's article on learning bass guitar online if you have a chance- it's worth the read.