Pulling a Chuckle on a Winter Reading List

As fall starts to set in, we're gearing up for winter.

I'm sorry if that's upsetting, but the cold and the snow and the long, dark days are a considerable fact of life in our household.

Besides dusting off the skis and show shovels, everyone on the family has begun to build their reading list. The kids are working on their umpteenth speed-through of the Harry Potter books, while my wife is going with a 'employee recommended' list from our local bookstore.

For me, it's going to be a comedy/dark comedy winter.

I'm this close to finishing the writing on my latest novel, and decided an insertion of light humor would be a great place to start with my reading list. Never one to be logical, my books start with a little Merle Drown, some Douglas Adams and a new author on the radar, John Redstand, author of Driving Grandpa.

Redstand crafts an extended conversation between a grandson and grandfather, observing the world as it passes by through the car windows. It's life observed at 55 miles an hour, and at times, a dead stand still. There's a lot we can witness while parked at a traffic light.

With the world in such disarray, it's a comfort to involve myself in a place where its proven anyone can be an author. There's no need for high-falutin' marketing strategies from major publishing houses to catch my eye. There's no requirement for a higher degree in the literary arts to make my list.

All I need is a good story with the promise of a solid chuckle now and then.

I'm hearing this is the case with Redstand's book.

It's not at the top of the stack at the moment, but it soon will be, and I suspect winter won't be so dark while I'm reading it.