With HelpyHero Your Family is Secure

The following is a guest post from HelpyHero:

It’s a security button, that allows you to send an alert to your family

When you press the button, HelpyHero immediately connects through bluetooth to your Smartphone and then it alerts your family, friends or security services, according to the App configuration, also you can record video and audio storing them in the cloud. This device opens a discreet communication line between the user and the person who receives the alert.

Helpyhero is a very versatile, it comes in 5 different holders, these allows to carry it in different ways, adapting to every style.
  • ·        Clip: you can use it in the purse, clothes, backpack, belt, etc.
  • ·        Bracelet: It’s stylish and you can reach it easily.
  • ·        Keychain: You will never forget and it’s very discreet.
  • ·        Necklace: ideal for elderly always reachable.
  • ·        Sticky platform: You can put it under the counter, ideal for shops.

And you can use in case of:
  •   - Children and teenagers far from home.
  •   - Elderly, In case of medical emergencies.
  •   - Bullying, Record video/audio for bullying cases.
  •   - Shops and businesses, in case of robbery as a silent alarm.
  •   - People, who suffer harassment at work or sexual abuse.

The advantages are:
  • -        Customization, fits your style
  • -        Simple, very easy to use
  • -        Reliable, It will never let you down
  • -        Resistant, water resistant, aluminum one-body
  • -        Complete, alert, location, video and audio
  • -        Discreet, does no attract attention
  • -        Stylish, exclusive minimalist design
  • -        No fee, without monthly payments
  • -        Warranty, 3 year warranty

 HelpyHero is 100% customizable.

  • You can choose the kind of alert you want to send (alert through the app, phone call or text message)
  • It can be configured to open a total or partial communication line with audio and video. The user can transmit what is happening and receives instructions as well. Set just for record audio and video.
  • Set to send an alert to security services like 911 or medical assistance.

HelpyHero is also a piece of technology:
  • Bluetooth module to connect with the Smartphone.     
  • An 8-mega pixels camera for streaming video to the cloud.
  • Microphone and speaker to allow communication and audio registering.
We believe that HelpyHero is the first step of our company in creating intelligent devices that help people overcome difficult times, even helping them to save their lives.

We have designed HelpyHero for the purpose of creating an emergency button that can be used in multiple situations. We also thought it had to be small, discrete, maintaining a stylized design. We should be able to carry it in different ways adapting to the style and necessity of each user.

Your help is important to us, if you are not persuaded to buy our product you can still share our campaign, this way you are not only helping us but also helping other people who might need the HelpyHero to get away from many dangerous situations that could be lethal. The world is a beautiful place, help us make it safer.