LifeProof Discount Coupons and Other Summer Plans

normal teacherThe life of a teacher revolves around one season - Summer.

Sure, Autumn has the promise of a fresh start, while Spring hints at an end to the insanity. (We won't even talk about Winter...) But Summer is the absence of complexity and anxiety. Summer is a re-connection with who we are, and who we wish to be with. It's long days of home improvement projects, garage cleaning, chicken raising, over night camping trips, and a whole plethora of quality time.

Unfortunately, it also means a wealth of expenses not normally counted on when budgeting a monthly plan. My teaching paycheck from the high school is on hiatus as well, so it means picking up extra adjunct classes and working odds and ends to make not only ends meet, but to cover these extra-value summer events.

To this end, I always look for ways to save money, beyond my usual smart shopping focus. Coupons come into play, and even more craftily, coupon sites.

iphone upgradeAs a case in point, my iPhone just had to be upgraded, and the case being offered at the phone store was way out of line with the value it would have provided. Sure, I've been known to drop a cell phone or two in my day, but the retail cost of the case made me wonder why people paid so much for them in the first place. My return on investment (ROI) was so out of whack I just shook my head and passed- I'd take my chances.

Luckily, this cheap streak lasted only for so long, and I began to look for better options online. I wanted protection, but not at half the cost of my phone. To this end, I found a site offering LifeProof discount coupons, where I got $30 off right away.

tractor supplyI was feeling the love, so kept up my search for necessary value. As some of you know, we are new to chicken (on a small, backyard scale), and our deck was feeling the spread of natural fertilizer from our charges. So, we looked for a nozzle that would keep our water bill down, but the pressure up. It ends up that there's a product called Little Big Shot from K-CO Innovations (sold at Tractor Supply Company) that uses 40% less water than a traditional garden nozzle, yet sprays with the relative pressure of a fire hose. We picked it up for under $10, and the deck couldn't look better had we paid someone to pressure wash it for us.

Now, we're looking at our grocery bills once again. The goal is for a weekly bill, including the odd bundle of TP and dishwasher soap, to run less than $80 for five of us.

I'll let you know how that works out soon.