Seeking the Best Home Security Systems Reviews

guernicaI bought my house not only for the reputation of the school district, but also for the apparent security inherent in the neighborhood. We don't have a police station across the street, but a Picasso. And a Monet, some Dutch masters, and an indescribable mesh-mash of modern art that values more than all of the real estate surrounding the museum.

One of my students worked in the museums security department and when he found out I lived across the street, boasted that thanks to him and his co-workers I lived in the safest and most secure neighborhood in the city. Manned 24/7, state-of-the-art camera systems constantly swept the buildings perimeter.

I'll be honest, it sounded great to me, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to understand that even though my property was being swept by cameras, they weren't going to deter someone breaking in. Burglars and home invaders aren't rocket scientists - these are desperate people looking for quick cash to smooth out a fix.

burglar thiefA drug addict doesn't care if they get caught - all they want is to smash and grab.

The museums camera surveillance won't help me in that situation, so we're looking for our own updated security system. A system that is dedicated to our perimeter, and will alert the police should
someone break in then and there, not a couple of days later when the surveillance is reviewed.

In order to accomplish this peace of mind venture, I started looking at a few different sources for the best home security system reviews. ( I wanted a collection of expert advice, with pros and cons, all in the same location to simplify my search.

security systemI focused on what has worked for my family in the past, with a first line of security focusing on the electronic 'shell' enveloping the house. If the shell is compromised by a smashed or jimmied window, an alarm is raised. If the intruder proceeds into the home, each room has a simple yet effective motion sensor that can distinguish between our cat and a prowler. Again, the PD are notified and dispatched.

When it comes to security systems, I've learned it's best not to dwell on the costs comparisons between providers, but instead on the effectiveness and reliability of their systems. We are updating, and when we do - Bad guys beware.