Looking for Economic Love and Free Cable TV

I get on a wild bender once in a while when a project crosses my mind.

adam and eve
For example, when I put in our raised garden a few seasons back, I had that sucker settled and growing within a weekend.

When my oldest wanted to clone princess Leia's blaster for a convention cos-play, I did that in a weekend.

When I was looking for a reliable dentist that wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg as well as my teeth... well, I'm still working on that one. However, I am still researching the topic.

Then, every six months or so, I look for ways to relieve my family of the strains of our monthly debt. Not that we have a great deal, but taking a periodic look at our insurance premiums, our water usage, and random expenditures does help to shave a little off when a little is the margin we are focusing on in order to save.

I'm looking at our entertainment lately, and how much we spend particularly on cable television. With our viewing reduce thanks to more family-interactive activities, we don;t watch a lot, but when we do it tends to be on premium cable stations. There are sports fanatics living under my roof, and having the latest Notre Dame game at the click of a button seems to be a quality of life essential.

Even though I'm a BC Eagles fan.

But, the cable bill is exorbitant, to say the least. We live in Comcast country, and you can imagine the size of our bills. We've come to the belief that at least our internet seems to work best when we have a premium cable package, unlike that time where we slimmed down to just internet and service slimmed right down with it. When we added our cable TV package back on, amazingly our internet connections improved like gangbusters... how about that.

But we're now looking at free cable TV, something a few years ago would have been out of the question. Nocable.org has some solid suggestions, with only a few components we would have to add to our system. In the end, we would be shaving off nearly 90% from our monthly cable bill. As Comcast customers, you can bet that's a hefty sum.

We already have our NetFlix and Hulu accounts, and find a great many of our series and films come to us that way. It's just the sports we're looking to bring in, and if possible, at a reduced cost.

I'm still looking at options, but the free cable TV potential has me curious enough to investigate further.