What Our Children's RFID World Will Look Like

We are surrounded by improvements to technology. In our own lifetimes we have seen room-sized computers minitureized to the processing power of a wristwatch.

Video game consoles- those ever-present indicators of personal use technology, have progressed significantly in the last 40 years from 6 bit platforms to multi-depth, hi-resolution gateways to cinematic wonder.

Children's toys learn through play to better entertain through AI technology-

And the records and transactions of our lives have been condensed to fit on little 4x2 plastic cards with the RFID revolution. Private research and development companies like AsiaRFID look to craft more secure and reliable ways of carrying everything from our financial records to medical x-rays on reinforced RFID cards in order to simplify our lives.

The cards are nearly indestructible, with quality usage lasting over 100 years, and newer designs promising to multiply that amount by the thousands.

Needless to say, the advancing technology will become even more prevalent in the lives of our children, where they won't remember a time when a simple wave of their hand pays for their soft drinks, where accessing their much needed information is as simple as reaching into their back pocket for a personalized ID card with everything they need is right there.

Programming and software development in conjunction with rare earth metals is making the technology cheaper and more secure, with anti-theft devices built into these gateways as a priority thought and not something to be considered later. Our children;s lives will be that much more secure, and their consideration will be nothing more than a note in the history books- themselves conceivably placed on RFID cards for their convenience.

I'm still carrying more than I need, leaving myself vulnerable. But our children- they will have the peace of mind to go forward while secure in the knowledge that their information will be secure.