Looking Toward the Holidays with Educational Toys

toys with educational benefitsMy girls are firmly entering their tweens- precious time where they flit between the innocence of yesterday with dolls and craft projects and the impending vapidness of cellphones, pop culture, and concerns no one truly needs to be concerned with.
I'm working on it- trust me.

Though I do reflect on how much of their childhood relies on me and my guidance. How much say will I have when it comes to experiences they will gain nothing from. Nothing worthwhile, that is.
When they were younger, the joys of simple pleasures tickled their fancies. Toys with educational benefits such as the ones reviewed in Marnie's latest article on Mommy Edition - Little People play sets, Mega Bloks, and dress up costumes - consumed their imaginations. It was a magical time, and one I simply am not ready to let go of.
creative play
This holiday season I'm scouring my local shops for gifts they will enjoy not only now, but for years to come. Both girls are at an age where the possibilities broaden, where they can enjoy toys with educational benefits that will grow with them. New Hampshire takes STEM potentials - Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics - very seriously as a developing aspect of a young child's life. The focus is on girls who need to be shown their potential against past stereotypes. The future is theirs, and it's our responsibility as parents to help them find their connection to such possibilities.
So I'm searching - looking for quality science project-based toys. I' branching out into artistic expression tools. Design elements they can engross themselves in.
educational toysIt's simply a matter of balancing my desire to hold onto their wonder of the world, while at the same time supporting them as growing young adults.
Toys with educational benefits can help me guide them onto the right path - that and an active, structured after school regimen, creative play, and a solid foundation of Home.
Wish me luck.