Mossebrg 500: Versility and Charm

I'm looking to simplify my hunting accessories as it were, and I treated myself to a little visit down to my local outfitter shop. Much like fishing season, I am generally overwhelmed with new product lines, inspired designs, and infatuatingly delicious seasonal cookbooks. 
Boy, what a Christmas shopping/wish list trip that turned out to be. New shells, new camo- and I must say the Outdoor Life cookbook seems appealing - and an updating eye placed on a new shotgun that fits the need for everything I'm looking for so I can take my Dad's Remington out to the field, replacing it with a new home and rec shotgun.
The Mossberg 500, the quintessential 'everything' piece, is looking to be my next go-to shotgun. Versatile, lightweight, and perfect for what ever task I set it up against, I'm now only in the mind to pack as I need, not as I think I need when going out for a range shoot.
The birds are hanging low, and the blind has been calling my name. Perhaps with next week's paycheck, I'll divert a little of that funding to the Mossberg so the Remington can get a much needed workout. Maybe.
The Mossberg 500 also allows for simple customization, with the ability to mount the AR-15 scope without a gunsmith's professional services. Don't get me wrong- I love spending time with those who really know what they're doing, but for my part, I also enjoy the old 'DIY' aspects life affords.
A new piece, a new season, and a new scope mount.
Please. My heart can't take much more.