Not Just for Children - Coloring Books for Adults and Seniors

My days seem to be filled with responsibilities beyond control as far as work is concerned. The older I get, the more little extras seem to be popping up on my to-do list - attend the Friday meeting, schedule additional client time, keep an eye on the dog and make sure he's not chewing through another lamp cord.

But I'm not complaining, simply voicing an observation.

I've been a relatively 'even keel' guy for most of my life, and I find that pleasant distractions during my day help to ease the tension. When I was younger, it was television. Then, during college, a drink or two to take off the edge. As the girls were growing up, I reconnected with books...

Now, I find myself venturing once more into visual arts for a repast from the world. Doodling, I've discovered, often disappoints me. With my painting and finished charcoals, a simple little line scribble just isn't doing my  need to create any favors.

coloring books for seniors and childrenBut I've found something- something thousands of others have returned to in a response to the repetitive nature of Sudoku and crosswords.

Adult coloring pages.

Much like the creative ingenuity offered by Aisling D'art coloring pages, I'm drawn to broader lines and mandala patterns. The larger spaces for color allow for a more mindful approach, letting me create while working on other projects. During meetings, reviewing PD lectures, and a variety of related tasks that don't require 100% of my attention, 100% of the time. I can wander through the coloring pages, with a fresh take on pleasing patterns and creative expression.

My girls are enjoying the books as well, preferring to have one of these volumes in their laps instead of a cell phone game or Barbie doll.

We're doing alright- and keeping the stress and anxiety of the days at bay, one coloring page at a time.