Engaging Young Readers Through Comics

comics code stampI'm an old soul from the days of the eBay Comics Board, and have been reading the classics since I can remember. There is always something about melding a visual impact with words that I find fulfilling, and my girls have begun to discover that magic for themselves. Our local shop has an affinity for young readers, offering a reading table next to their age appropriate selections, and encourage questions for finding just the right story for them to grow on. For my part, I pick up any and every kids comic title I can find at yard sales, second hand stores, and Goodwill in order to bring them a variety of stories to sink their teeth into. The long boxes are multiplying.
magazine standRecently, I was turned onto a monthly subscription from Mystery Comic Shop, where for a minimal subscription, comics are shipped directly to the girls that range from the bronze age to recent titles. This brings an added sense of adventure into their readings, never knowing exactly what they'll be reading. For our selection, we get at east two bronze age books, a number one, and a possibility of a key issue to really whet their whistles.

fanboy artThe focus for me has been to strengthen the girls' reading acumen, while providing a fun way to investigate the magic of visual story telling. Their horizons are broadened, and each book helps them to building their reading skills with fun and entertaining tales of heroes, talking animals, and the unknown. Mystery Comic Shop lets me introduce a random aspect into their reading, where they won't always be influenced my my choices as a young reader. There's too much out there to be limited by my former choices, so they are afforded a way to discover their own connections to fantasy and creativity.

mystery comic store box
Not bad for a few bucks a month.