Discount Online Shopping for Back to School

It's been a crazy summer, to say the least.

Between the amazingly incredible changes around the house, from a new deck and sliding patio door to new furniture pieces and a concentrated effort to hang all the art collected over the years, we've been busy.

Like a one armed paper hanger busy.

pulling pigtailsI am not complaining, as life is good and everyone is healthy and happy...

Until we remembered that school is starting soon and we've yet to do any concentrated back-to-school shopping for clothes. For supplies, we needed to only raid the studio, but for my fashion conscious young ladies- yikes. It was time to do some online discount shopping.

And our budget- well, like I mentioned, we've been doing some major projects and we're a little tight.

So the solution was to be proactive yet stick to a reasonable budget... and that means staying away from the name brand shops.

To do so, we used 99storeslike, a simple search engine concept that lets us shop from similar stores but cheaper. No need to check out the Gucci outlet, when the site displays a solid list of similar experiences with much lower prices. They sort popular stores similar to the mainline stores we usually shop at, without the sticker shock when we go to check out.

Clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes- it's all in there.

discount clothingThis also allows us to keep building toward out next big purchase, which will help to carry us through next season's travelogue- a brand new RV. We keep plugging away at the savings account, and we'll get there.

But for now, it's back to school.

And a nice bonus is that I don't need to get a fourth job.