The Garage Door Goes Up, The Garage Door Stays Up

dad with kidsThose who have read along with these ramblings the past few years have come to know somethings about me. I love my kids, I'm divorced, I hunt and fish... I have my hands full. In a good way, of course- a way that brings a sense of fulfillment and wonder at each turn life presents.

And readers also know I enjoy doing a bit of handy work around the house... little things, inconsequential perhaps in the big picture, but satisfying and productive in their own ways. I might build a bookshelf, or muck out the upstairs bathroom drain. I might replace a shower head or even fiddle with my in-ground sprinkler heads to optimize their spread.

But, when it comes to electrical work- I know when I'm out of my league. There's something a bit intimidating about a bundle of wires in a circa 1920's home- the solidity of it all, and the potential for providing me with a permanent afro should I touch the wrong wire (yes, I know to kill the breaker box, but still...).

garage door opener repair
The point at hand is that my garage door opener is on the fritz. The little sucker likes to stay up, and I know it's because there's a fault in the electric eye that ensures it won;t crush me when I walk through to the drive way. It's not altogether frustrating, but it is an annoyance. I have to keep the button depressed to override the safety feature, and I don;t like overriding safety features.

It's plain stupid if you ask me.

So, I'm in need of a repair-

Those who read my ramblings regularly also know that I prefer word of mouth referrals for handy folk and repair people. I want to know that the person I'm hiring is a local, with a small business that doesn't feed into the giant box store, international conglomerate that sucks my local dollars out into some fat cat's pocket. I want to know the person I hire is making a good wage and isn't being made to work for minimum wage, having to have a second or third job just to feed their kids. Kids, mind you, that might well be in my kids' classes.

I like the idea of Angie's List, but... it costs money to use.

handy womanAnd people who read this rambling on and off at their convenience also know I'm a cheap SOB. So, I've been finding myself using the Healthy Built Homes website. Much like other home improvement listing sites, Healthy Built Homes lets me zero-in on the job I need done on a local level. I can see for myself who is worth hiring is my neighbors don't have a suggestion, and I can get the job done right the first time without the hassle.

So I'm spending some quality time this morning looking for an garage door opener repair contractor. Not only does the site let me choose what I'm looking for as far as a contractor is concerned, but it also lets me send them exactly what the problem is. It's a clever little tool, and it will cut down my expenses and search simply by letting me put in the exact requirements I have without fiddling around with unnecessary, well, fiddle-faddle.

Summer is most certainly here, and I'd prefer to spend my time with my kids out on the water or in the woods.