INDIEGOGO and the Independent Developer

My Father's WorldWe're gearing up for the summer production schedule of our film, My Father's World, and that means delving back into the rich and often confounding world of online fund raising. Our budget is a bit larger this season, as we're looking at pre-production, casting, and perhaps initial filming later in the fall.

Let Paper LogoI'm prepping by scanning successful IndieGoGo campaigns, looking for that elusive secret ingredient that prompts folks to donate to a cause they believe is just, righteous, and quest-able... why do people connect with a grassroots funding project? Perhaps it's as simple as it makes us feel warm and fuzzy to support someone's dream, especially if that other person is a stranger. Sort of a Robin Hood mentality...

I stumbled upon a new campaign by LetPaper, an online, interactive study application that uses AI to streamline the learning process and connect students with the material they can benefit most from. One thing that stood out for me on their campaign is a donation of $5k brings you onto the project as a partner. I think the last IndieGoGo we did had the higher tier supporters earn a producer title.

What's nice about LetPaper is that this is a serious project designed to improve how we learn. It's interactive function is promising, with aspects interwoven into the software that builds on what the user has done in past sessions to streamline how they will interact with future material.

So, I'm preparing.

Maybe, just maybe... we'll get this sucker in the can so we can start hitting festivals:)