Hitting the Smallmouth Bass with Customizable Sunglasses

Fishing season is in full swing here in New Hampshire, and the small mouth are biting like I've never seen-

And that's kind of what's on my mind these days. I'm not seeing them as how I used to. The hits are there, but I'm relying more and more on my sense of touch these days than on sight. During the winter, I suspect my polarized sunglasses ended up in one of my cathartic garage clean outs- you know the kind, when the temps are near freezing and there's nothing to do but watch reruns on the History Channel? So those are gone, and I need to slap on a new pair before we take the boat out this Friday to celebrate the end of the school year.

So I need new sunglasses- and the girls sure could use a pair each as well. And keeping in the concept of 'Team Abernathy', we'd like similar styles- hence, we're looking at Vybe Sunglasses, a solid solution to keep everyone happy. The style stays close to our image, but we can adjust to our individual styles without a fuss... how? Well the glasses are interchangeable and customizable on a whim. Customizable sunglasses- what'll they think of next?

The shades have a Nic Cage/Valley Girl vibe, yet can be adjusted to a channel Arnie Schwartzeneger from Terminator. Black and classic.

Then add to this the fact this is a small venture- a group of folks who brainstormed these in college and hit the streets with something fresh. Support the little guy, I always say...

The girls are excited, and the Vybe site is making their shopping experience a bit like walking through a candy store without the blinders on- everything looks tasty.

Paired with polarized lenses, we'll be back in the smallmouth bass action and improving our game by seeing what we need to see- between the weeds, along the rocks- thanks to a smart solution to our fishing accoutrements.