Welcome to the Dollhouse

Summer, it seems, has reached our greyed-out Yankee flesh after a long winter.

Spring? Never heard of it.

But keeping in tradition, the girls and I have been swabbing out the various decks and dust-bunnies about the house in a gentle reminder of, well, we're clean folk who like to live in a clean house. No clutter.

kid washing glassNo. No. No. No.

Goodwill has seen a bit of us lately, to say the least.

But, by clearing out the stacked piles of plastic Barbie Corvettes and steam-powered paddle boats (Fulton Barbie, anyone?) a space of joy has found it's way in the girls' bedrooms. Like a swath of forest glen long forgotten even by fairies. Or faeries... tomato toe-mah-toe.

And the though arrived to us.

A dollhouse. Or rather, dollhouses for young kids.

An honest to goodness dollhouse with shutters, furniture, and little raised garden beds in the back. Maybe some in the bedrooms.

So we started looking.

dollhouses for young kidsToys-R-Everyone generic depressed us, so we moved online and found this great list on Mommy Edition. It cut straight to the chase and simplified my life.

I don't buy cheap stuff, and I'd prefer to get something we can use today and hand down to the next generation tomorrow. Well, maybe not tomorrow. My oldest is 8, so... in 42 years?

The Plan Toys dollhouse looked promising, as did the Melissa and Doug one.

Melissa & Doug? Potato poe-tah-toe.

So we're looking. And we're searching. And we're being picky- because next Spring, we don't want to be cleaning up any more than we have to.

We've been good enough to Goodwill over the years.