Spring Clings to Brighten Up the Season

The cleaning, for those seeking an update, continues.

I seem to be amazed at every turn and each broom sweep what little secrets my girls have squirreled away under their beds.

A candy bar wrapper from Halloween.

A purple dinosaur stowed first in a Christmas stocking and now swaddled in dust bunnies.

A hood decal from a 1973 Ford Pinto. Who knows where that little sucker came from.

But simply put, the cleaning does progress, and the walls are looking a bit bare. For my youngest, I have planned to hang her first real piece of art- an unusual lithograph of sunflowers that match her planned paint scheme.

For my oldest, it's time for an actual desk for homework and such-

But still, the walls could use some young fun to remind them that yes, they are little girls and life has fantasy and magic still to offer.

A search for such a solution has come to me in the form of wall decals- a simple, inexpensive solution that is easy to clean and remove once a new theme is envisioned for their interior decorating. There;s a company called Wall Decals Canada that provides an impressive selection for just the right tone, and if I wish, will custom create to match my mood.

wall decal robots baseballOr rather, the swinging mood of my girls. Last week it was ninjas and ponies- this week, the robots playing baseball.

The Sox are doing alright, so maybe it makes sense.